You can enter each individual competition up to a maximum of 10 times, unless stated otherwise on the competition details.

Please read the competition description to find out how many entries you are allowed. This is to keep all our competitions fair and allow everyone a good chance of winning.

Once all entries are in and the draw is closed, all entries will then be posted on our Facebook page and website within 24 hours. 

For the draw we will be using Google Random Number Generator during a Facebook Live stream to select the Winner. 

This is to give you confidence in using us.

Each competition runs on a set ‘draw’ date, this will be displayed on the product page.

Quite often the competition will sell out before this date, some sell out in 1-4 days of being LIVE on our website.

If the competition sells out early we will bring the draw date forward and do it a couple of days after this.

In most cases we will try our utmost to surprise the winner by taking their prize to them. However if we are not able all prizes can be collected from our office in Wiltshire.

We require everyone who wants to participate in our competitions to create an account so we are able to contact you easily.

It's important you make sure all your contact information is correct in the event we need to contact you to award you a prize.